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Surrounded as it is by verdant fields and lush forests and mountains, Anbalaba offers direct access to exceptional areas of nature ideal for hiking, running or mountain biking.

In addition, several running clubs and informal groups regularly organise walks and races in the vicinity of Baie du Cap. A unique opportunity to experience friendly sports events in an extraordinary natural setting.

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Mountain biking

If you are a cycling buff, the mountains of Chamarel, only a few kilometres away from Anbalaba, are THE place to be. They offer a unique experience, with multiple challenging climbs and descents. This is an entirely original way to discover the island and its natural splendour while enjoying the great outdoors. As icing on the cake, the mountain’s summits offer spectacular views over the ocean.  

From Anbalaba, cycling enthusiasts can also set out on the paths that run through the cane fields, make their way towards Chamarel and cross into the Black River Gorges National Park. They can then descend towards the sea at Choisy and cycle along the magnificent coastal road back to Baie du Cap.

By choosing to live in Anbalaba, you’ll have access to the most beautiful cycling routes in all of Mauritius, with lush tropical landscapes that rival even the most pristine of white sandy beaches in beauty.


Trail or road running

Mauritius never ceases to seduce with its exquisite beaches of fine sand caressed by the turquoise waters of the lagoon. But its allure does not consist only of idyllic resorts. In the heart of the island are tropical forests that are havens for rare birds including the echo parakeet, pink pigeon and kestrel, as well as for macaques, wild boar, endemic frogs... all just waiting to be discovered. When admired from the sky, the island’s main colour is green. 

Anbalaba offers running enthusiasts an opportunity to discover the natural wonders of the island’s hinterland in the form of stunningly beautiful trails, along which rich tropical nature intermittently gives way to incredible views.

And because there’s nothing like pampering yourself after a run, sportsmen and women can place themselves in the capable hands of the masseurs at Anbalaba-Village’s Pool & Spa Club for a moment of pure relaxation. 


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