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  • Former Police Station

The Former Police Station fully renovated

29 Jan 2018


Part of the heritage of Baie du Cap, the former police station classified Historical Building has been the subject of many works to regain its former splendor.


Because Anbalaba is deeply rooted in the commune of Baie du Cap and attached to the Mauritian culture, its promoters were keen to associate it with the local heritage and its preservation.

It is therefore natural that they undertook to renovate the old police station, witnessing the time spent in the South. The roof was restored to its former splendor, the old stone walls were restored, and the floor was completely redone with concrete incorporating 1.7 tons of recycled glass. Who said it was impossible to rhyme renovation and sustainable approach? Finally, the shutters have also been changed and rebuilt to the old, to respect the original architecture of the building. And to better highlight the whole, lighting has been installed and allow now to admire the historic building day and night!

The construction progress

Avril 2013

The Old Police Station first seen

Juillet 2017

After a first wash!

Anbalaba's Sales Office

The former police station is now close to hosting the sales office of Anbalaba, before turning in the coming years into an exhibition dedicated to the development of local culture, where everyone can meet to share a moment of conviviality


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