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  • Anbalaba continues its participation in the community life of the village!

Anbalaba continues its participation in the community life of the village!

18 May 2022


For several months, Anbalaba has partnered with the Mauritian NGO DRIP to encourage the creation of a community platform in Baie du Cap.

Since its creation, the vision of the Anbalaba project has been closely linked to the community of Baie du Cap. This link with the village and its people is progressively reinforced by actions carried out with the NGO DRIP and the support of Maiti Chagny.

Meetings facilitated by the DRIP team

For several months, meetings facilitated by the DRIP team have been held on Tuesday evenings at Station A, Anbalaba's restaurant, to design the Baie du Cap / Choisy community platform with the residents.

Children's registration day

Children's registration day

Children's registration day

On April 30, the first big festive event of the community’s platform took place in Anbalaba Square: the children's registration day for Baie du Cap and Choisy.

The committee and the DRIP team coordinated the day. They went door-to-door to inform and invite parents and children to join the event.

The result lived up to expectations: a festive and unifying afternoon!

The program included:

Face painting and cotton candy

"This is the first time in my life I'm going to eat cotton candy" - A child participating in the registration day.

LAROU games

Children and parents could enjoy the Anbalaba square for LAROU games and other collective games.

A collective work of art

Each of the 94 children in attendance created one of the leaves of the colorful tree, a symbol of the day's success.

"Community development is the process by which people in the community come together to take collective actions to find solutions to common problems."

Other planned events

Other planned events

Children's workshops are scheduled every Tuesday at Anbalaba. As of now, 38 sessions are planned.

Other events, also for adults, will be scheduled gradually. For example, on Monday, May 16, a vigil in honor of people who have died from AIDS was organized at Anbalaba at the initiative of DRIP.

To learn about all upcoming events, follow DRIP's Facebook page:

DRIP's Facebook page
Other planned events
About DRIP

About DRIP

DRIP is a not-for-profit social enterprise whose goal is to contribute to education, prevention and awareness of drug-related harms through a community-based approach.

DRIP has a holistic approach that focuses on social inclusion, social leadership and community development.


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