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Anbalaba 2020 retrospective: back in pictures!

15 Dec 2020


The year 2020 has been rich in news and events for Anbalaba!

In Anbalaba, and more generally in Mauritius, the year 2020 was eventful and full of surprises. Rediscover all the events that marked the news of Anbalaba thanks to a retrospective in pictures!


  • Activity is in full swing at Station A! Since its launch in October 2019, Anbalaba restaurant, Station A, never empty. Elegant and friendly at the same time, this place welcomes families and friends to share unforgettable moments. Combining modern furniture and a strong Mauritian identity, our restaurant is ideal for discovering local flavors.


  • The Anbalaba Gardens! Latan trees, palm trees, coconut palms or talipots... They are all present in the village of Anbalaba, located in the middle of a green and revitalizing nature. It is for this reason that Anbalaba has chosen to mix this lush nature with the villas, including the creation of a patch of vegetable plants for each of the villas!

MARCH 2020

  • Anbalaba recalls the benefits of IRS in Mauritius. The IRS, or real estate investment in full ownership and accessible to non-citizens of the island, is particularly advantageous: obtaining a permanent Mauritian residence permit, installation of his tax residence (from 183 days per year of presence sur l'Île), non-taxable capital gain on the resale of its property, etc.

APRIL 2020

  • Opening of the Tilakot store. Anbalaba created Tilakot: a 100% Mauritian address! Jewelry, posters, handcrafted bags and baskets, clothes... This is the ideal shop to find happiness and leave with a typical Mauritian souvenir! During the year, we made the decision to develop Tilakot into a solidarity shop to help the less well off. We will tell you about this transformation in a future article!

MAY 2020

  • Eric Chavoix Architects imagines the new Anbalaba villa. Clean, well-designed and in harmony with nature: these are the new villas designed by Eric Chavoix Architects! The Franco-Mauritian architect, Eric Chavoix, never ceases to amaze with his creations, both warm and functional, which combine modernity and Mauritian culture. Between 2019 and 2020, no less than 30 projects were carried out by Eric Chavoix Architects.

JUNE 2020

  • After the confinement period, the Station A restaurant reopens its doors! Because of Covid-19 our Station A restaurant had to close its doors for the duration of the confinement. Following the announcement of the deconfinement, the restaurant team did everything to allow it to reopen quickly, in strict compliance with the barrier measures in force (regular hand washing, social distancing, etc.). In addition, the Station A restaurant is organized to liven up its evenings with music, to the delight of its customers!

JULY 2020

  • Artist Vaco decorates the wall in Anbalaba Square! Vaco is a Mauritian painter known around the world. Authentic and colorful, his works reflect his love of Mauritian culture. Anbalaba therefore wanted to call on Vaco to decorate the wall of the village square in Creole colors! The work does honor to Mauritius and its magnificent landscapes.


  • Anbalaba's team mobilizes against the oil spill. An oil spill affected the coast of Mauritius, following the sinking of a foreign vessel. Faced with this ecological disaster, the Anbalaba team decided to support the residents and help them, by going there and participating in the collective effort. They helped build dams and fill huge oil buckets, among other things.


  • The first craft market in Anbalaba. In September, Anbalaba organized its first craft market! Many artisans from the region came to present their creations, to the delight of visitors. This edition was so popular that Anbalaba decided to organize a craft market every month!


  • A new visa for teleworking or spending your retirement in the sun! Considered a Covid Safe zone, Mauritius has implemented a new visa dedicated to teleworking. This “premium” visa is valid for one year and is renewable. It is therefore possible to settle in Mauritius for several months very simply, to work with your feet in the sand!


  • The start of work on the villas. After having developed its shops, restaurants and even offices, it is time for Anbalaba to continue the work and build the Pomelo villas! Anbalaba has partnered with Dream Construction, which shares its values, for the constructions of the various villas. The whole of 2021 will therefore be dedicated to work!


  • A new director for Anbalaba! Nitin Gopal, who has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, joins the Anbalaba team as Director. With experience in high-end real estate in Mauritius, there is no doubt that he will take on his role of project manager and director to perfection.

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